Wind Energy

Kenya is endowed with favorable wind speeds with 73% of the country experiencing wind speeds of 6 m/s or higher at a hundred meters above ground level. Of this 28228 sq. km experiences wind speeds of between 7.5 – 8.5 m/s and 2825 sq. km experiences wind speeds of between 8.5 – 9.5 m/s

Installed wind energy capacity

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Image: Potential areas with defined interval of wind speed at 100 m.a.g.l.

Kenya has a feed in tariff that includes wind as a power generation source.

The commissioned wind power projects and those under development are provided below

Table: Commissioned wind power projects

S/NoPlantCapacity (MW)Year CommissionedCounty
1Lake Turkana Wind plant3102019Marsabit
2Ngong Wind25.51993Kajiado

Table: Wind power projects under development

S/NoPlantCapacity (MW)CountyExpected Commissioning Date
1Ngong Wind Farm III11KajiadoJune 2021
2Kipeto Wind100KajiadoDecember 2020
3Chania Green50KajiadoDecember 2021
4Meru (Isiolo) Wind Farm80MeruJune 2023
5OL-Ndanyat Power10KajiadoDecember 2023
6Aperture Green Power50KiambuJune 2024
7Prunus50December 2023