Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a new renewable energy project?

Information on how to start a new energy project can be obtained in the Guide to investors on Renewable Projects: Download Guide to Investors

What is the minimum amount of energy one can invest in?

The minimum amount of energy one can invest in is technology dependent.

What is the minimum power that can be produced for grid connection?

The minimum power that can be produced for grid connection is technology dependent as outlined in the FiT policy.

What does the word “clearance” mean in this context?

Clearances is a collective word that includes permits, licences, approvals, fees, contracts, agreements and all associated documents needed from the government agencies before developing a renewable energy project.

Can a foreign citizen registered company or submit an Expression of Interest to develop a renewable energy project?

Yes, as long as all the other prerequisites are met.

Does this mean that the Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority is now that one-stop shop for all clearances?

No. The portal is a one-stop information window but all clearances will still be issued by the relevant government agency.

Is net metering allowed in Kenya?

Currently, net metering is not allowed. It is proposed, however, in the new draft Energy Policy for generators with a capacity of less than 1 MW. In 2014 a study was conducted on the feasibility of net metering in Kenya and the final report published.

What are the functions of the Renewable Energy Department at EPRA?

a) The department will focus on assisting the Ministry of Energy to develop and monitor regulations and standards for all forms of renewable energy. This will be done in consultation with statutory bodies such as the Kenya Bureau of Standards and Kenya Forest Services;
b) Preparing an indicative energy plan for renewable energy using available energy data and carrying out relevant research activities in this sector;
c) Promoting energy efficiency and conservation across the renewable energy sector as well as the petroleum and electricity sector.

What are the incentives for investment?

The FiT policy document that is revised every three years gives competitive tariffs for electricity generated from renewable energy sources to encourage investors to put up more RE plants.