Relevant information for operating a power plant based on renewable energy

Renewable Energy Portal

The purpose of the portal is to provide easy access to relevant information about administrative entry requirements and procedures for operating a power plant based on renewable energy, the legal and regulatory framework for such investments (e.g., tariff regulation) and relevant market information.

Renewable Energy Sources

Hydro Energy

Kenya’s total installed large hydropower capacity is 743 MW. Small hydro potential is estimated at 3,000MW, of which…

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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal resources in Kenya are located within the Rift Valley with an estimated potential of between 7,000 MW to 10,000 MW…

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Wind Energy

Kenya’s wind installed capacity is 5.1 MW, operated by KenGen at the Ngong site. High capital cost and lack of sufficient wind regime…

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Solar Energy

The Government has zero-rated the import duty and removed Value Added Tax (VAT) on renewable energy equipment and…

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Bio-energy is the energy derived from various sources of solids, liquids and gaseous biomass, including fuel wood…

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Tidal Energy

The only technology that draws on energy inherent in the orbital characteristics of the Earth…

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