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Forest (Charcoal) Regulations 2009

The Forest Charcoal regulations were enacted by the Kenya Forestry Service to regulate the production, transportation and marketing of charcoal.


  • Purpose: To regulate the production of charcoal, its transportation and marketing
  • Application Fee: None
  • Clearance Fee: Dependent on the Forest Service General Order which is updated every financial year. The fee is calculated by KFS’s experts on a cubic meter of wood felled, but it varies from one tree species to another. Land rates fees are also pegged on the license.
  • Maximum Processing Time: Subject to having all documentation, it takes less than 2 days
  • Validity: Specifically for one consignment of charcoal
  • Clearance Type: License, Movement Permit, Export Permit, Import Permit (where applicable)
  • Legal Basis: Forest Act (2005)
  • Annual Renewal: Not applicable

Investor Inputs

  • The investor must be a member of an existing Charcoal Producers Association. This is necessary to ensure sustainability through joint conservation plans and to maintain a strict code of practice
  • A completed consent form from the land owner (Either KFS or a private land owner
  • Establishment of a registered charcoal producer association
  • Pay the prescribed fee
  • Provide information on feedstock, species and sustainability plan
  • Consent from the land owner
  • Description of technology to be used
  • Obtain recommendation for a local environmental committee

Issuing agency