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Way Leave Authorization: (Applies to transmission and distribution lines passing through KFS land)

The Way Leave Authorization is applicable to renewable energy power transmission lines that pass through Kenya Forest Land. This license is applicable to an investor who has to pass their transmission and distribution lines through Kenya Forest Service Land.


  • Purpose: To compensate Kenya Forest Service for the trees that have to be felled for the transmission lines to gain access to the grid or consumption areas
  • Application Fee: None
  • Clearance Fee: Dependent on the Forest Service General Order which is updated every financial year. The fee is calculated by KFS’s experts on a cubic meter of wood felled, but it varies from one tree species to another. Land rates are payable directly to KFS.
  • Maximum Processing Time: 30 days
  • Validity: Indefinite subject to land rates payment
  • Clearance Type: Way leave
  • Legal Basis: Forest Act (2005)
  • Annual Renewal: Land rates are payable annually. Compensation fee is a one off payment

Investor Inputs

  • Application letter
  • Map showing the route of the Way Leave (Transmission line)
  • An EIA report from a certified NEMA expert

Issuing agency