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Water Abstraction Permit: (Hydro power projects only)

Any hydro power project must obtain a Water Permit from the Water Resources Management Authority. The Authority has 6 Regional and 26 Sub-regional offices. (Please see http://www.wrma.or.ke/index.php for regional offices). Applications can be submitted at the sub-regional level. Hydro power plants are the only renewable energy projects under FiT obliged to obtain a water permit. Though geothermal plants should obtain a water permit according to the CEO of the WRMA, such projects are omitted in the Rules and, therefore, can operate without a water permit.


  • Purpose: Regulation and management of water resources.
  • Application Fee: Kshs. 1,000-40,000
  • Clearance Fee: Kshs. 0-50,000,there is an additional payment of water use charges of 5cts per kilowatt of power generated. This applies after the construction of works when the project is in use.
  • Maximum Processing Time: Depending on the size of the project, the procedure takes between 1 and 6 months to obtain the authorization to construct, the final permit is issued immediately after completion of the structure. 30 -60 days
  • Validity: Indefinite
  • Clearance Type: Permit
  • Legal Basis: Water Act 2002, Water Rules 2007.
  • Annual Renewal: The license is renewable after 5 years


  • None

Investor Inputs

  • An application form from WRMA duly filled
  • Company registration certificate and PIN
  • EIA
  • Land ownership documents
  • Site assessment, description of water use and technical reports of the project
  • Soil and water conservation plans
  • Copy of receipt of payment

Issuing agency