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Approval for Change of User

If the land use changes to the generation of energy, it must be approved by the Local Government. The process includes an advertisement, and recommendations from members of the public and line-ministries, which are obtained by the Local Government. The application is often combined with one for a construction permit. Change of User is done by various County Governments depending on where the project is located.


  • Purpose: Control of land use and development
  • Application Fee: KSh. 200
  • Clearance Fee: Varies from one County Government to another
  • Maximum Processing Time: 60 days
  • Validity: Indefinite
  • Clearance Type: Approval
  • Legal Basis: Physical Planning Act, Physical Planning Regulations
  • Annual Renewal: None

Investor Inputs

  • Application form (PPA-1)
  • Copy of the title
  • EIA License
  • Technical Drawings
  • Planning Brief


Issuing agency