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Geothermal Exploration Authorization: (Geothermal power projects only)

Only geothermal projects must obtain an Exploration License. It is issued by the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and allows the investor to have first right of refusal and explore the site. The license is issued and expires in a maximum 5 years, but is normally granted for 3 years. An exploration authority is not obligatory, an investor in geothermal energy can also apply straight for a Resource License.


  • Purpose: Control geothermal exploration and exploitation
  • Application Fee: Kshs. 50,000
  • Clearance Fee: None
  • Maximum Processing Time: 14 days
  • Validity: Max. 5 years, usually 3 years
  • Clearance Type: License
  • Legal Basis: Geothermal Resource Act 1982, Geothermal Resource Regulations 1990
  • Annual Renewal: Not applicable


  • None

Investor Inputs

  • Informal application letter
  • Data on applicant
  • Data on directors and owners of company,
  • Statement of financial status and technical expertise
  • Declaration of area supposed to be covered
  • Particulars of work and minimum expenditure


Issuing agency